card of the day oct 16

card of the day oct 16

Oct 16, 2021

today's card pull is from the herbiary deck and features one of my favorite mushrooms, reishi! I'm not surprised i pulled this one as i have been taking a reishi tincture and found a specimen in my yard the other day. the medicine of reishi is multi-layered but for this reading we will have a ritual we can do to harness the power of reishi.

reishi asks us to pinpoint or inner strengths and power, the thing that makes us fiery and passionate and not the thing other people want or expect of us. what gives YOU strength and vitality? how can you incorporate more of it into your days and nights? reishi is known as an herb of immortality in traditional chinese medicine and provides immune boosting and stress reducing qualities.

part of aligning with your true path & power is releasing what's not serving it. many people walk around all day with a heavy load full of not only their own but other people's resentments, expectations and regrets, until one day they decide it can't go on anymore, and sometimes a ritual is in order to really get that cathartic release.

  • write out your worries, burdens, regrets, fears and insecurities. don't hold back. anything that weighs too much.

  • roll it into a small scroll. now you can optionally add any herbs or oils you would like to use for amplifying your ritual & setting intentions

  • have a candle, fire or firesafe dish to burn in

  • if you have ashes left, dispose of them by shaking them onto the earth where your once too heavy thoughts will be fully broken down and released


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