6\28 ☕

Jun 29, 2021

recipe for a good day

river + we'ed + hashbrowns for breakfast lunch AND dinner + animal crossing and some sun tea. that's it.

I sat in the middle of the river and released as much as i possibly could and let myself be hypnotized by the waterfalls. found a piece of green river glass for my bag of divination charms and then happened upon a shed snake skin which is pretty fkn symbolic of everything. saw a few frogs on frog island then met a whole family of deer and many butter and dragonflies. also ducks!

pulled these cards,

Retreat. It's totally fine to be in the integration phase of the upgrades and still be exhausted. prepare to slow down and turn your attention inward to experience deeper states of consciousness.

The ideas and inspiration you've gathered since the full moon will take you far once you reach a place of true stillness and acceptance of the present moment. There you will also find many signs from spirit.

💎 🌱 💚

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