6/17 cards of the day

6/17 cards of the day

Jun 18, 2021

2 & 3 of cups + fluidity

pure water energy pouring in as the solstice and cancer season approaches. love, healing & supportive friendships + social gatherings come into focus. community efforts pay off and bring rewards for everyone. shared resources and experiences + celebration.

2 of cups actually represents june 21-july 1 or 0-10° of cancer and reminds us of the power of love to heal all.

with the fluidity card we have to know change is the only constant and be ready to embrace and flow through all of the heightened emotions that come w this watery energy. be open to new ways of managing your mental health, explore new creative outlets. let go of the confusion that comes with wondering why everything isn't going how you planned, trust the path takes you home anyway.

ask: how do my friends and community contribute to my wellbeing? do i have trouble asking for help? how can i I let go of limiting beliefs? what reasons do i have to celebrate myself today?

🌱 rose, passionflower, anise

🔮 rhodochrosite, rose quartz, prehnite

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