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Oct 16, 2021

I love Tsuki. She's always been my persona, and I'm so excited to bring her back. She wears a trench coat cause she works at Intel with Ibiki and Inoichi. She specializes in lightning ninjutsu and genjutsu. She’s my Naruto Oc and she is Kakashi’s autistic/ADHD child (in my story!!). She’s aro/ace and also exploring her gender rn but currently is comfortable with she/her pronouns.

Image Description: a chibi of my Naruto oc, Tsuki Hatake. She is wearing a trench coat. In one hand she has lightning, her other hand has her index and middle fingers up but her thumb down and holding down her index and pinky fingers. She is saying “Kai—Release!”

Tsuki Hatake belongs to me, but the concept of Naruto does not.

Done October 16, 2021

Done on Procreate for iPad


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