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Aug 31, 2021

So I forgot to make an announcement...

I took my book, Investigation in Nottingham, off of Amazon. I can't handle the stress hanging over my head of a story that didn't do well and that I could've written better. I stopped caring about the series, it no longer made sense to me. So I took Investigation off of Amazon, it'll be gone when the last copy sells on Amazon. I feel like the book was a waste of time and not well-written.

It was definitely a brave step forward, but I wasn't ready to publish. I just really wasn't ready. It was like diving head-first into a kiddie pool, what did I really expect? Honestly, at the time I thought I was ready. But in retrospect, I wasn't and I accept that now.

I won't stop writing. This is just a speed bump that I ran into, not a wall. I'm going to keep writing and get better, and do better than I did the first time. I have a new penname to write under, called S. A. Martin.

Right now, I'm working on a whole new series though. I'm revamping an old WIP I did in high school and playing around with it. There's going to be more queer, more disabled, more BIPOC characters in the story. It's going to be as diverse as I can absolutely make it.

I'm excited to show the world this new book. More so than my old series.

Thank you for understanding.

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