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Top 5 Canva Tutorials in October

Top 5 Canva Tutorials in October

Oct 11, 2022

Hi Becky here,

we had many new Canva tutorials in the group during last few weeks and have hand-picked every one of them trying to offer always new material for learning Canva.

I hope you didn't miss new features and The Future is Visual virtual event, but if you did there are videos posted in the group.

Here are Top 5 Canva tutorials for October, when you have time, take a look and learn something new.

Canva knowledge is one of the most wanted skill right now on the market.

  1. Create back-to-school design poster in Canva by African Geek

  2. How to create 3D gold logo effect by Canva Art Design

  3. How to Make E-commerce Product Banner Design by Easy Canva

  4. Simple Perfume Product Flyer by Zoul

  5. How to customize Instagram Profile Page Canva template

You can create huge amount of different digital products using Canva and sell them on any of the digital markets like Etsy, Gumroad or Amazon.

I needed literally one day to create my latest digital product Coloring Book of Patterns (40 pages PDF file) content and cover!

Very easy and effective, using only Canva :)

I hope you find this useful



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