Aug 27, 2023

By working analogue I tried to get as close as possible to the source of cinema. But, the deeper I started to dig, the more vague the definition of film started to be. In the end, DRUK no longer became a film at all, but rather a Dadaistic interpretation of it. An anti-film, I call it an 'anti-mation film'.

Let's take a look from the other side of the window. On the silver screen and behind the blinds we follow a random/arbitrary working day. A man who wants to escape the endless repetitions. The work consists of one-sided rhythmics and repetitive patterns. You could almost say that it is an unconscious autobiographical effect: During the production of the film I fell into a kind of trance, hyperfocus and only drawing, printing and painting. I kept asking myself, “Why this way? Why all that effort? With the right software and my knowledge, I could achieve about the same result and had at least 6 months less work.”

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