#3 How to understand ЖЕ?

#3 How to understand ЖЕ?

Nov 06, 2022

Dear friends 👋, this is our third lesson on how to understand the word ЖЕ, and the second lesson on the usage of ЖЕ as a particle in questions.

We already know that ЖЕ can be a conjunction linking two sentences, or clauses within a compound sentence. However, it is more often used as an emphatic particle for showing feelings or emotions in statements, exclamations and questions.

In Lesson #2 on the usage of ЖЕ in rhetorical questions, we divided all questions in two types:

(1) questions to which a speaker does not expect an answer (or there could be no answer);

(2) questions to which a speaker wants to get a clear answer as soon as possible.

Last time we looked at the examples illustrating ЖЕ as an emphatic particle in the first type of questions (rhetorical questions).

From this post you will learn about the role of the particle ЖЕ in the second type of questions.Please, listen to the eamples here (mp4): https://ru.files.fm/f/p8wsqwsce (downloadable)

or watch on YouTube:


Available in PDF: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/selfstudru8/e/99684

Thank you.

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