Status Board: July 17, 2021

Status Board: July 17, 2021

Jul 17, 2021

Hi friends! My mini-sabbatical continued this week. I had hoped to be seized with some get up and go at some point during this break, but after a variety of attempts to get the engine to turn over, I have had to content myself with leaving it in neutral and doing a lot of reading and watching TV instead. So it goes.

📖 Reading

  • Stephen King's Insomnia, which was great and added a lot of texture to the Dark Tower series read-through I'm on. It's misnamed, though. I'd expected a true horror novel about someone suffering insomnia, but it didn't even paint a decent picture of everyday insomnia, let alone horror-novel levels of it.

  • The Wind Through the Keyhole, which may be my favorite in the Dark Tower series so far. Just cracked open Wolves of the Calla which I'm already not enjoying, but I'm going to finish this damn series if it kills me.

  • A delightful feature about stunt work for the coffin flop sketch in season 2 of I Think You Should Leave. If you're interested in stagecraft or moviemaking, it's a good read even if you haven't seen the show.

  • A remembrance of the character Anthony Bouvier from Designing Women that popped up on my Twitter feed (idk). Loved that show.

📺 Watching

  • Season 2 of The Boys, which I liked more than the first. I also found it to be one of the better on-screen representations of this reality-is-broken / truth-is-what-I-say-it-is political moments yet. The only difference I can discern between the universe of The Boys and our own universe is that Disney's superheroes don't actually have powers.

  • A fourth of fifth rewatch of I Think You Should Leave season 2.

  • The Suns embarrassing themselves in Game 4 of the NBA playoffs, yeesh.

  • Finished Lisey's Story on AppleTV+. Strong finish, no complaints.

🤔 Exploring

I've been stripping out the consulting stuff from my website to focus it on my writing, and started posting some old (in internet terms; 8 years in this case) articles to Twitter to see if people would notice/care/engage. Got a few likes. Will keep experimenting.

👨🏻‍🎤 Listening

Caught up on some recent shorties from the Heavyweight podcast. I've heard that Sharing Place episode before, but I still listened all the way through. On a Sebadoh kick, musically.

👨🏻‍💻 Computing

Nothing of note; computer time has been blissfully minimal.

🎮 Playing

Star Wars: Squadrons on Xbox. It's not quite tickling the nostalgia I had for X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter but still an impressive game.

📢 Promoting

Nothing of note.

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