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Miltan Epsilon & Chak'r'Das

Miltan Epsilon & Chak'r'Das

May 06, 2021

I'm very excited to announce that Miltan Epsilon & Chak'r'Das, Books 1 & 2 of the Jazz Healy, Reunion Series, are now available!

Miltan Epsilon is FREE to read. Get your copy from your bookseller of choice here: books2read.com/miltanepsilon

Buy Chak'r'Das from your favorite online bookseller here: books2read.com/chakrdas

Book 3, Garbadon Major, is scheduled for release in August, while Book 4, Bil'Tross, should be dropping in November.

Want to know more about the books before you dive in? You can read the first 5 pages of Miltan Epsilon here on BMC at: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/scmae/miltan-epsilon-preview-pages. And an even larger sample should be available at each online retailer.

Need a little more? How about some blurbs? Say it slowly with me, blurrrrbbbbbs. It's a great word, right?

Miltan Epsilon

Jazz Healy is estranged - purposefully - from her mother, who runs a galaxy-spanning criminal organization. Twelve years ago she lost her father when pirates attacked a freighter delivering supplies to a frontier planet. Since then she’s decided it’s better, safer, to keep to herself. Even if means being alone. And often lonely.

Right now, she's delivering pets, of all things, to a lawless space-station. Apparently even the most hardened criminals like animal companionship. One critter especially is making the cargo run worthwhile: a gene-splice kitten. Jazz will earn a cool hundred thousand Commonwealth dollars if she safely delivers the little fluff ball to its new owner.

But cargo that valuable brings out all sorts, from wannabe animal activists to tech cultists with enhancement fetishes. And maybe even Jazz's mother. Though the cat is only one bullet point on her agenda.


You in for the ride yet? Here's the blurb for Chak'r'Das:

(SPOILER ALERT: Jazz doesn't die in Book 1!)


For the last six standard months Jazz Healy has been scouring the Independent Fringes for her father. He’s been missing, presumed dead, for over a decade. But new information has come to light and Jazz is determined to leave no asteroid unturned.

However, the same troubling questions keep popping up. If he still lives, why has he never come looking for her? Twelve years, and not a single comm? Other things weigh on her, too. Like how she feels about Darren Tollett. Not long ago he knocked her unconscious while trying to steal some valuable cargo. Now is she, if not in love, in quite-like with him?

Those dilemmas are soon on the backburner, though, as Jazz finds herself entangled in the political machinations of a royal family. She and Tollett will need all their wits, and maybe some luck, to get themselves out of this predicament in one piece.


You're in now, right? C'mon, it'll be fun! How about some cover art, for good measure? Big shoutout to L.E. Badillo for his awesome work!

Join Jazz Healy as she navigates her way through the galaxy in books 1 & 2 of this 4-book series. Maybe she'll learn that allowing people into her life can give her a richness she could never experience otherwise. Or perhaps she'll decisively conclude that people are just the worst. The worst! Or she might end up as an ethereal light being who can change the past with a thought. No, of course not. That'd just be silly. Right? Right? *looks around nervously*

Don't worry, there are no ethereal light beings (though if there were it'd make perfect sense for them to be there), but there is plenty of action, adventure, romance, family drama, and even a mystery or two to be had. Or in two words: Space Opera. Boom!

So, in conclusion, thank you for reading Miltan Epsilon and Chak'r'Das, Books 1 & 2 of the Jazz Healy, Reunion Series, and stay tuned for Books 3 & 4, coming out later this year!

S.C. Mae

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