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Visual Code Studio - Odoo Snippets - 0.2.1

Mar 31, 2020

Hi all. Version 0.2.1 of the Odoo Snippets extension is available on the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

Here the new features.


  • Boolean field is now available

  • Integer field fixed

  • In compute function a complete loop is created inside the method because self is a recordset

  • In create function, super() is python3 compatible (with no arguments)

  • In import, objects are ordered by name.

  • In class creation (new or inherit) must be selected a model type (Abstract, Model, Transient)

  • Added import exceptions and list of exceptions errors

  • Fixed various descriptions


  • Xpath internal body is empty

  • Added a new position to Xpath: attributes

  • Xpath internal body is empty on form inherit, too

  • Added tree decoration

  • Added calendar view

  • Added graph view

  • Added pivot view

  • Added attrs for field

  • Added options for field

  • Fix various descriptions

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