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We Hit Our Goal!! :D

We Hit Our Goal!! :D

Jul 29, 2022

Thanks to everyone who’s supported me thus far, I hope you are all crushing it with the G/W list! We hit the monthly goal so I’ll be posting another pioneer list within the next week that’s more of a brew but still has game in the current meta. My hint to the deck is that it still contains Voice of Resurgence…

Good luck to everyone playing in RCQs this weekend! I streamed the deck this last Tuesday if you want to check out the VoD on my twitch channel (sasoristrike on I’ve been adjusting to steaming again so I’m hoping to make the gameplay a little cleaner in the coming weeks. I plan on doing weekly streams (Tuesday most likely) and bimonthly articles thanks to y’alls support!

Thanks a ton,

Ethan S (sasoristrike)

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