ONCE UPON A BLIND ITEM - The Poor Man's ...

ONCE UPON A BLIND ITEM - The Poor Man's BJ Pascual

Apr 19, 2021

This is your Lady Whisttledown penning in behalf of a dear friend and beloved Sashes&Scripts author to add some British class to today's sordid tale. Caution for one Mister Photographer who's labeled as the pedestrian's choice when the finest of spirits is off one's wallet, you may not like what you'll read...

And so here's how the story goes...

Once upon a BLIND Item there lived a photographer whose talent would never measure up to a master lensman. Despite a decade of copying the master lensman's photography and  aesthetic he could never come up with one that is considered his own. Desperately trying with all his might he could never get out of the master's shadow and so he lived unhappily ever after. The End.

That is the story of our very narcissistic but deeply insecure photographer who thinks so highly of himself. Rather than focus on bettering his craft, Mister Photographer seems to squander more time recently in petty fights and mobilizing his 55 thousand mindless monsters to have people removed on social media.

All of this started when this copycat sought to have his thoughts be heard on an issue about altering photographs by people other than the photographers themselves. His fine points while very valid became muddled by his ill-mannered approach to those who do not share his points of view. Quite a low blow for someone supposedly of his stature considering that it wasn't his work that was edited by some people of the Ton.

Moreso the hypocrisy as his works are to have been surgically enhanced to within an inch of death themselves. Much like King Henry's displeasure upon finding his new wife to be as lovely as a horse contrary to her splendid paintings. A far far representation and likelihood in real life. Darling debutantes, stay away from this kind of misrepresentation because it will never snag you a Prince of Prussia.

But alas dear readers, when we couldn't think one couldn't sink any lower the photographer showed the type of guttersnipe he is by attacking a blogger who had a more balanced but opinionated writing on the topic. Mister Photographer asked for his social circle to have the blogger removed from the Ton. What a scandalous gesture!

All the while pretending to be a nice chap in social circles by showering everybody with letters appeasing to show how good of a person he truly is. But working in private to malign others in an attempt so that people of the Ton do not see how reductive his works are.

Alas dear rabid readers, when one does not have the same charisma or talent of a well-admired master lensman, one has to find his place in the world. That must be a huge blow to his fragile ego...to called the Poor Man's BJ Pascual.

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