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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Nov 11, 2021

Hi there! ✌️

Here i will try to answer the questions I get asked a lot by new people.

Please check here first before asking me because answering the same questions over and over again is quite exhausting.

Thank you! 🤗

Whats your name?
I prefer Lucy or Sane and I identify as she/her. ♀️

Where are you from?
I originate from another star (I like to call it the Galaxy of Love) and I currently live in eastern Austria. (no kangaroos) ⭐

How old are you?
I am 23 unspecified units of time - I am timeless, therefore age is a useless concept to me.
Next question. (❁´◡`❁)

What gender are you?
AMAB (Assigned male at birth) - decided to allow myself to transition mentally in december 2020.
Want to fully transition. I only want to discuss further details with supporters I trust and got to know better.

My situation regarding this topic is a scary and uncertain thing for me at the moment so I greatly appreciate your respectful handling of it, thank you.

What is your sexual orientation?
I am not too fond of labels, so i will put it this way:

I am strongly attracted to femininity, which means i generally prefer women. I do love flirting, being silly and positive reactions regardless of gender or being though. 😸

I do deeply appreciate authentic and wholesome "typical" male characteristics too. I am open for new experiences and always trying to keep an open mind for new stuff, so feel free to surprise me. 👻

A huge point in sexual attraction for me is feeling safe to open up and being able to unleash my inner woman. I usually need to be attracted to your soul (or way of being) before the physical attraction has any significant meaning.

TL;DR Version: bisexual, pansexual (i don't like labels because they box in again x)
If you help make me feel like the goddess I feel inside, we are probably gonna have fun. 🌟

Why don't you show your face?
For protection and because I am currently not comfortable with it yet.
I always try to show as much of me as I am comfortable with sharing.

We will get there eventually and I am already looking forward to that moment. 😸

What are your current plans?
I plan to move into something of my own coming spring 2022. This will enable being my new self more freely. Therefore my current focus is on making sure that my financial situation is sufficient. 💵

This in turn will help me in fully accepting my new self and hopefully enable me to take the steps necessary to complete my transformation. 🔺

Buying cute stuff to do pics with can be expensive and I have already spent a huge amount of my savings, so i am deeply grateful for any support i get in this regard. 💜

TL;DR Version: Saving up for my own place to be able to do more crazy fun stuff at the moment. Will update this BMC page with more contant that i have in the meantime.

What do you do for a living?
After a few years of working in a tough and toxic IT work environment that taught me valuable life lessons I decided to risk the jump into self employment in spring 2021. Now that I am self employed I am establishing all kinds of sources of income. This being one of them and also helps me in sharing my passion with you. Apart from that I like to keep my work life private to make it easier for me.

I feel like I am being pulled in the direction to do spiritual/life coaching or mentoring. So I am excited to see where this all will lead me in the future.

TL;DR Version: Got a lot of work experience in IT (Hardware, Client/Server stuff). Now I am an entrepeneur doing a lot of different things.

Which languages do you speak?
I speak english and german fluently. I also know HTML and a bit of PHP even though its probably already rusty. 😋
I know a few little things in other languages too, so i might be able to surprise you sometimes.

What are you?

  • I am an empath and HSP.

  • I am a starseed. (Probably angelic hybrid, not 100% sure yet, would love to learn more)

  • I am deeply connected to spiritual and divine realm.

  • I am a very special snowflake. ❄️

  • I am sometimes taking things too seriously. 😅

  • I am in a constant process of self discovery and definement.

  • I am constantly evolving and growing.

  • I am currently working on being more confident.

  • I am trying to put myself more out there.

  • I am still in the process of figuring a lot out, so please be gentle with me. Thank you! 🤗

What is a Starseed?

A starseed is a being from another star that voluntarely incarnated as a human and seeded on this planet to spread the ways of high consciousness around other people and therefore help increase the vibration of the planet.

There are many different types of starseeds. Most of them (me included) live a "normal" human life up to a certain age to understand what it means to be human and be able to relate to others as well until they awaken and gradually become aware of their real nature and selves.

You can find tons of information and articles about that topic on the internet if you are interested in wanting to know more.

I also like this sites explanation of it as well, check it out:

Who knows, maybe you are one as well? 🖖

Please do your own research first and after that I will gladly answer you any question about myself regarding that topic as well. 😊

TL;DR Version: I am an alien that freely chose to come here to do good. 🪐🤗😘
(And yes, there are days that i regret my decision but its been mostly fun so far)

Are you crazy?
No, i am Sane. Are you? 😄

What do you like?

  • I like helping/encouraging/cheering up people.

  • I like giving.

  • I like receiving.

  • I like being appreciated.

  • I like deep talk about the purpose of life and the universe.

  • I like talking about goals and how to reach them.

  • I like hearing success stories.

  • I like consistency.

  • I like astrology.

  • I like magic.

  • I obviously like making lists, lol.


What do you dislike?

  • I dislike smalltalk.

  • I cannot stand rudeness.

  • I dislike excessive or needless violence.

  • I dislike people that dont keep their word.

  • I dislike guessing things.

  • I dislike drama.


What do you love?

  • I love getting reassuring compliments.

  • I love playing videogames. (PC mostly - FPS, RPGs, Adventure)

  • I love watching anime.

  • I love spreading my good mood to anyone around me or to people that need it most.

  • I love all kinds of animals (especially cats). 😸

  • I love being understood and respected.

  • I love being treated fairly.

  • I love being the center of attention.

  • I love emojis. 😇😻🐇💉

  • I love friendly honesty.

  • I love people that do the things they say.

  • I love punctuality.

  • I love people that do their own research on things that are easy to google before asking others.

  • I love high heels.

  • I love pantyhose, stockings and lingerie.

  • I love people with an eye for details. 👁️

  • I love kind and pure souls.

  • I love cute stuff. ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  • I love people that remind me of the things I do and the things I say I will be doing. (Sometimes there's a lot on my plate and my mind tends to forget things)

  • I love getting constructive feedback on how to improve myself.

  • I love expanding this list if something else comes up. 😸

  • I love purple, red and black. 🟪🍎⚫

Are you making this all up to make yourself more interesting?

No. I always aim to be as honest as possible without hurting myself. This is how/what I currently am or at least my perception and understanding of it.

I had to battle my own disbelief while discovering all that about myself as well, so I understand if you don't believe everything I say right out of the box.

I made this post so that people who are genuinely interested in getting closer to me have an easier time to do so. It also makes interactions with others way more favourable and interesting for me. 🧡

Also any interaction with you might help me gain more understanding of myself or vice versa.

If you think that you have a question that needs to be on here feel free to put it into the comments or message me directly, thank you!

If you have read it all, you are a very special soul that deserves some extra credit. ❣️

Thank you! 🤗💜🤗

Creating this list of questions also helped me to reflect alot on myself. I guess I will be updating it whenever I see fit. So make sure to check back in regularely if you are interested. 😄

I am Sane, in love with humanity. 💗

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