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Weekend Update: vacation, hackathons, an ...

Weekend Update: vacation, hackathons, and more

Jun 21, 2021

I recently got back from a week long vacation and I was able to refresh and re-energize. I'm planning to continue working through the Laidle bug backlog soon but I decided to participate in a hackathon for a couple weeks.

Hack Money is a decentralized finance based hackathon that a couple of my friends are also participating in. We have a few ideas but I think we are going to end up making use of SuperFluid (

The crypto space is really interesting right now so I'm going to be busy learning about this tech for the next 3 weeks. I'll be working on Laidle for an hour or so each weekend when I create my grocery list for the week.

Once the hackathon is done, i'll be right back to finishing up Laidle and getting version 1 released!


Here is my grocery list this week! Use a QR code reader and you should be able to see my categorized list of ingredients.

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