Meet the Team- 360° interaction

Meet the Team- 360° interaction

Sep 16, 2021

This week, the challenge was to design an interactive graphic to introduce an organization’s team members. After viewing the great examples in the E-Learning Heroes community, I was a bit intimidated. No idea was forthcoming. So I considered why I wanted to create a meet-the-team interaction. What was the best way for a newcomer to meet their future colleagues? One thing became apparent, I wanted it to be a face-to-face meeting. Storyline's newly released interactive 360° images let me do just that.

Hack: It turns out you can edit 360 panoramic photos in Photoshop! Here, I was able to add a speech box as well as my logo. Everything worked out for this project including the music choice. I wanted to start off with something mellow then switch to an upbeat sound. It's Bensounds to the rescue! The Downtown theme song was the perfect score for this scene. It reminded me of music used in the opening sequences of any one of Tarantino's classics.

The green cube is a hit or miss. I wanted to offer the user more control. Clicking any of its sides would present the learner with a different viewpoint.

I achieved the viewpoints using 3 separate layers. The tricky part was resetting the layers which I did by making sure "Hide this Layer" was above the "Show Layer...". For improvement, I would like to use photos of actual teammates.

***If you know of a method/equipment for shooting panoramic photographs, please list it in the comments. You can take the project for a spin here. Enjoy!

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