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No More Monday Motivation

No More Monday Motivation

Aug 12, 2022

I have decided to do away with Monday Motivation. I may turn Monday into "Weekly Affirmations" pulling a tarot card and an affirmation card from The Shadow Work Deck. The tarot card will be an additional affirmation you can use.

Monday Motivation was my lowest liking and commenting post on Instagram and BuyMeACoffee.

Another thing: I'm thinking about abandoning this platform altogether and go to ko-fi just to have a simpler way to collect tips. They have PayPal and BuyMeACoffee uses Payoneer which I severely dislike. I cannot touch my money until I have $25 deposited in that account. Stripe doesn't work with fortune tellers. So this app has grown it's use. I'm not changing right away. I'm thinking September, before Mercury Retrograde.

I would do Patreon if I had monthly tier.products to offer. But right now, all I can ask for is tips if you like and support my readings.

So yeah, thank you all for being here! Thanks for the support! I'll continue to post until the big move.

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