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Into the grove ...

Into the grove ...

May 30, 2022

There's this rare and beautiful grove forest half an hour walk away from our house. I recently hurt my hand and need a cast for a month, but that naturally doesn't keep me away from the woods. I've roamed here many times, but on this beautiful May day the area revealed its' secrets truly overwhelmingly.

The secret pond

For many times I've tried to find a little pond that is marked on the maps of the area - to no avail, until now. This "secret pond" came into my way quite unexpectedly and it felt as being way further than what I had expected. Well, now I didn't have a map with me, as I prefer adventuring. Now I know I'll be returning here many times - or at least I think I can find it again if need be.

Resting spot

This is my usual resting spot while visiting this area. This is the "other pond" that hasn't never been hidden from me. The mighty fallen tree trunks offer a nice surface to take a break, be it summer or winter, and the view is priceless. One time there was an eagle hovering over the lake, this time there was an osprey.

Beaver skull

When I was just about to head back home I stumble upon an old skull among the leaves. To best of my knowledge, it's a beaver skull. I have noticed marks of late beaver colony at the area before, old gnawed trees and dams. Fresh signs are absent, unfortunately. I wish some time in the future they would return.

With all the respect to this ancestral beaver, I took its gnawing teeth off and maybe make an ornament out of them. After that I humbly left the skull alone where it was and headed home with my head and body full of good vibes.

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