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Making Mega Menu in Divi

Making Mega Menu in Divi

Sep 11, 2022

In this video, I'll show you how you can create Mega Menus in Divi very easily. I'll show you 2 ways, to create it. One using a Plugin and one without using any Plugin.

Watch the Video here:

Resources 👇

Download Mega Manu Layouts:

CSS Used in the Video:

.et_pb_menu .et-menu-nav > ul ul {

border-radius: 10px;

box-shadow: 0px 10px 30px #00000021;

padding:20px 10px;


.nav ul li a:hover {

background-color: #000;

opacity: 1;

color: #fff !important;



.nav ul li a{

color:#000 !important;


.et-menu-nav li.mega-menu > ul > li > a:first-child:hover{

color:#000 !important;


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