Bye bye blackberry

Bye bye blackberry

Jan 04, 2022

In the medial and late 2000s, BlackBerry and Nokia were at their peak in the mobile phone assiduity. when the Apple iPhone made its debut in 2007, numerous felt the ultimate will not indeed a small dent in the two titans. Well, presto forward to 2022, the formerly-unconceivable script has happed. Nokia, who lost major ground with Microsoft's Windows Phones is now laying on Google Android to make a comeback and on the other hand, BlackBerry after several failed attempts is each set to come history

When the company launched their first phone in 2002 with Color Display, Wifi, Instant Messaging Features, none of these features were available.

Then in the year 2006 we came up with an additional feature called Trackball which allows us to scroll across the screen using the mouse on the computer.

Blackberry then began to emerge as a stand-alone brand, with Networth raising $ 600 million in 2007 to become the most widely used messaging service for BlackBerry.

To say that the US phone market was so largely held in its own hands is where the decline of more than 50 per cent began, with Apple launching its own smartphones with early touch screens as people began to see the new BlackBerry Android phones, thus further complicating the BlackBerry.

BlackBerry in 2016, John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, announced that he would be switching from smartphone production to Security Software Services. Stay tuned. Thus some of the services will no longer work with the older models.

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