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Mar 01, 2023

Let me share one old project that my friends and me started many years ago and it still lasts till now.

It was huge and it took us more than year to complete it, as there was a lot of things to do - costumes, wigs, dance, decorations and different small and big stuff. I have already posted a wig making process, however, I didn't show what exactly it was.

So, we prepared Oiran group dance/performance.

Sure, I understand that it has many errors from the point of view of japanese traditional costumes, but we have spent much time to study and to prepare it, in order to reproduce it as close as we could.

Here you may see few photos of it:

If you would like to see a dance, we have performed it twice - at two ukrainian festivals, but there is only one video left:

Why do I tell that it lasts till today? Because I'm fond of japanese costumes, dance and the culture in total, and since that time we made several japanese costumes, dances and performances in japanese style that I will also post soon))))

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