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Magnificon 2022

Magnificon 2022

Dec 15, 2022

Finally, I will write few words about the konwent - Magnificon. A bit late, but after the trip I was ill and now I am finally better)))

So, that was the last konwent we visited this year. And I could not decide what cosplay to choose... Seriously, that was a difficult choice... However, as I am watching Naruto now - as soon as I saw Neji - the choice has been done!

Ok ok, I don't like to sew at the last moment, but!!! THIS IS NEJI! I had to! And yeah, I made it in 1 week))) There are still some details to add, but I am totally happy as previously I couldn’t even imagine that I would cosplay this character!)))

Now, about the festival.

It is absolutely cool and adorable! I performed on the stage and there are cool guys I already know from previous konwents))) So, it was awesome to see them! Awwwww!))))

There were many cute things to watch, to buy and I bought the pigeon!

Also I met my friends, who live in Poland and literally spent 2 days with them! It was so nice, that I didn’t want to go…

Belgijka! The best dance ever! Now I will dance it on all konwents!))) And we tried bachata (as lovely girls explained us in english - THANK YOU!)

Now I am like - I want to comeback + I want to make some Tiktok videos + I want to make new coslay! AAaaaa, what to do?

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