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AnimeConpl Halloween

AnimeConpl Halloween

Nov 20, 2022


Finally I am here to write few words about the konwent in Poznań - AnimeConpl Halloween)))

The road is quite far from Lviv, but we really wanted to visit this festival. And, actually, the trip didn't take so much time and wasn't difficult. The only thing, that is hard - to pass the frontier as it lasts for hours.


I TOTALLY ADORED IT!))) We have met sooo many nice people! As we had a performance with SVSSS’s Mobei-jun and Shang Quinghua, we worried a lot, but cool guys from konwent assisted us in every moment, and we felt comfortable with such a huge support)))

We have met a lot of great cosplayers, especially, from the danmei novels (AWwwwwwwWWWWww, happiness!) and could talk with them about many different things!)))

So, I highly recommend AnimeConpl and will try to go Poznań next year too))))

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