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Why did I move?

Why did I move?

May 26, 2021

My boyfriend and I have a small workshop. This wood workshop was temporary in an abandoned house in my boyfriend's grandfather's land and soon or later we had to go out from it.

This house belongs to her cousins and they were not leaving there, because her mom died nine years ago.

Now his cousin came back and we decided to move the workshop to Carlos's house and my craft area too.

I move my studio to my boyfriend's house because I spent a lot of time working there.

In our first workshop, we were using only two areas. One for our workshop and the other for my studio in which I can work with Sae.

That was the idea we had in mind to continue crafting. We work full-time in the workshop so I didn't have time to work on any of Sae's ideas and when I arrive at my home I only want to sleep.

Thanks to this decision I can work on more projects and make my ideas come true.

I'm so happy with the new studio I have because I can decorate it as I want without asking permission if I could do it this way or not.

I will show you pictures of the old and new workshop and studio soon.

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