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From Beginner to Master Challenge

From Beginner to Master Challenge

Oct 31, 2020

After many years of being unmotivated for personal reasons and thinking about closing my Instagram account, I decided to use this quarantine to think, analyze why I was unmotivated, and how I could feel better. Thanks to God, now I know what I want to do with my art.

I know that many artists want to stop making art for many reasons. I understand those feelings, so I did something special to keep me motivated and motivate my fellow artist on Instagram. I challenged me for a month to post my old creations with the last ones that I have made so far. I DON'T WANT TO FORGET ANYMORE ALL THAT EFFORT BEHIND EVERY CREATION I'VE MADE. I wouldn't like you to continue feeling like I used to be months ago.

This challenge (#Frombtmchallenge) will stay available for every artist that wants to try it for 1, 2 days, or 5 days days. if you tag me in your post, I will add your picture in my Frombtmchallenge Highlight.

Check out the Instagram post here!

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