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Jan 29, 2023

Peter Gunn theme - Rock & Roll Racing (Sega Genesis Remix). Made by sadmusicboy.

Made with Deflemask, using samples from the Super Nintendo (SNES) version, I decided to recreate the original Rock n 'Roll Racing Soundtrack for Sega Genesis / Megadrive, Using the Yamaha YM2612 chip and recreating the instruments in a way that looks as realistic as possible to the original version of the Genesis.

I'm still inexperienced at using this Free Tracker. For now I have no plans to finance or monetize these videos since Deflemask is a free program and these remixes are made for fun and to help me learn more about music.

SEGA has been my biggest influence when it comes to music, and I am very happy to use this free program. If you want to use it, I leave the link to the official page:


(This image was not made by me. If the creator asks me to remove the image from the video, I will do so with pleasure and with all due respect.)

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