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Welcome to Sade Louise! Here's What to E ...

Welcome to Sade Louise! Here's What to Expect

Feb 02, 2022

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to be starting this page where I can actively share updates on my progress in both storytelling and my self-publishing journey! So since you are new here—hell I'm new to this—I'm going to cover a few things you can expect from me and what type of content will be public and what will be for my Undivided members!

The main idea in creating an account here on Buy Me A Coffee is to share about my upcoming debut YA Fantasy Series UNDIVIDED, the first in the series to be released late Spring/early Summer: the current goal but unconfirmed date being May 7th, 2022. Below I've written a blurb for you to get an idea of what this story is about!


Trained her whole life to hunt demons, no one—including herself—ever expected she'd end up on their side.

Despite her ruthless upbringing, Nova Fandera has always been kept from the fight against demons. That is until her 18th birthday, broken promises, questions, and secrets, arising that sends her down a reckless path to escape on the night of a rare blood moon—when demons are 10x more powerful—to prove herself. But what she finds are demons that have become more like strange inky beasts and a High Tier Marquis of Hell offering a reprieve from the lies in her life—answers to the questions her father refuses to share.

No hunter would blindly take the deal, including her.

Yet, upon returning victorious against a demon, she's chained and fed half-truths. More questions are raised rather than answered, her guaranteed freedom ripped from her grasp. Left with no alternatives, Nova does what no other hunter would dare do.

Taking the devil's deal, Nova discovers it's not her soul the demon is after but her unique skill sets. Ones to train six half-human, half-demon cambions. But freedom comes at a price, one she could never have foreseen as a thousand-year-old history unravels before her eyes.

And only in her darkest hour will the truth come to light.


Wow! I've written many variations of this and I'm sure it'll change on the final book but I always get so excited sharing even a piece of my writing!

Now down to the details of how and what things will be shared:

Content: a general look at what will be shared in the newsletters.

  • Tips, tricks, and resources I've used as a writer.

  • Character Development

  • Worldbuilding

  • Story Inspiration

  • Publishing Progress Updates



Just like I'm sharing this publicly, key details such as a finalized release date, cover reveal, etc., will be posted for all to see. If you're here I still very much appreciate your support because it means the book release is still important to you!


For my dear supporters, your newsletters will contain content detailing things such as current progress in editing, tips tricks, and resources for writing, a look at my worldbuilding, character building, and so on. This will be a simple newsletter, not too in detail but enough to aid your writing and see into the world of Undivided.


For my lovely Undivided members, your newsletters will almost be a look into the world inside my mind. While you'll gain access to all that is mentioned in the supporter's tier, you'll also be immersed in the world of Undivided just as my own mind is. There are so many inner details to be shared like what it really took to flesh out Nova as a character and the personal details that I relate to my characters and story. And the final, best reward, a free ebook copy of the story!

These are all just a few examples of what might be in the newsletters since as time progresses I'll have more/different things to share. Whatever tier you end up falling under, your support is greatly appreciated and propels me forward to this release!

If you have any questions, leave me a comment or reach out to my DM's on Instagram @sade.louise

All the love my angels and devils,

Sade Louise

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