The Best Way to Help Veterans

The Best Way to Help Veterans

Oct 21, 2022

One of the best possible ways for our country to support Veterans is to provide them with a fair disability rating so that they can be compensated correctly as they live each and every day with the repercussions of serving our country.

The correct compensation helps them pay their bills, get adequate medical treatment, and allows for some breathing room for their families. 

Unfortunately, the Veteran Affairs branch of our government is drowning in requests, which results in long wait times, oversight, and watered-down disability ratings. The disability rating protocol has turned into somewhat of a puzzle, and Veterans need someone who knows what this puzzle is supposed to look like on their side.

And that’s what I do and where I come in.

I help Veterans get the best possible rating for their service. I go to bat for them and act as a coach and consultant throughout the entire process. Some say I even become their counselor.

Going through this process with Veterans is the privilege of a lifetime.

Many of them become my friends and that’s what I’m proudest about when it comes to my job; the connections I make with these true heroes. The fact that I can give them support that they genuinely feel and trust is what my career is all about.

I pour my heart into each and every case that I have the honor of participating in, and if we don’t raise their disability rating, the Veterans simply don’t pay. That’s how much I believe in our Veterans, myself, and the work I do.

Many people ask how to support the work I do, knowing it is one of the most beneficial ways to truly aide our Veterans in their quest back to “normal” civilian life and a very simple way is to simply donate a coffee, here:

The rating process typically takes about seven to eight months to complete, and then more if we don’t like the outcome of the first go-around. Donating is a super duper easy way to help me and the Veterans along the long road to filing and raising disability claims and we are truly grateful for any contribution!

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