Other simple ways to help Veterans today

Other simple ways to help Veterans today

Oct 25, 2022

Here's how you can help Veterans:

  • Be kind and respectful. Being around Veterans every single day, I've heard some awful things said about their services. People have called it "pointless" or even "a waste of time." What these people don't realize is that those are all myths — myths that are harmful to veterans. To ensure your kindness doesn't become condescending, check yourself before you speak by asking yourself if what you're saying is true or not. If it isn't true, don't say it.

  • Ask questions if necessary. Don't assume that just because someone has served in the military means they want to talk about their experiences 24/7; instead, ask them how they feel about their service whenever appropriate (e.g., when discussing current events). When asking questions about the veteran's service experience, avoid blaming any negative elements of their experience on them personally (e.g., “Didn’t serving make you depressed?”). Instead, allow them to own their feelings by asking something like “Was serving difficult for you?"

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