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It's March already? It's March already!

It's March already? It's March already!

Mar 17, 2023

This is sending on St. Patrick's Day.

I remember being in a play where we sang songs about the countries of the world. 23 years later, the one song that remains in my head is the one about Ireland, and boy was it chock full of stereotypes.

Come dance the jig, the Irish jig,
From down Killarney Way.
Where strings begin to fiddle,
and pipes begin to play.
Now every elf and leprechaun is gathered here today,
to dance the jig, the Irish jig,
from down Killarney Way.

😐 Now, this was before everything was chronicled by the internet, so the origins will remain in the annals of the after-school program.

Book Stuff

If you want some actual entertaining Irish stories for you or your youth, I find the Ronan Boyle series to be a fun read, even if I don't know half of what they're referencing. Fun fact: Dreamworks Animation bought the rights for a movie some years ago, and based upon LinkedIn, it's in active production.

Also, I live in Florida, which is a hellsite on multiple levels; Walton County has banned some books, but you can show some love and buy the banned books at a local bookstore, Sundog Books. Maybe they ship? I don't know.

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