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How Blogging Can Be A Powerful Form of N ...

How Blogging Can Be A Powerful Form of Networking

May 26, 2022

 I was asked to write a post about...this blog! How and why I started it, and how it continues to help me.

With a degree in Network Infrastructure, several certifications, but no real-world experience, I was “overqualified” for junior level roles straight out of college.

Yet I still, simply put, couldn’t even begin to make a living in the field. This was 6 months after graduation, and 100s of applications and rejections in an allegedly ‘hot’ field. I had slipped through the cracks.

Even though I’m in tech, I always wanted to be a writer when I was a kid. It occurred to me: what if I wrote about tech?

I decided to put what I had learned to use and start my portfolio, to not only show employers what I learned, but also to remind myself what I could do.

The beginning involved networking with any spare bit of technology I could find in my home - routers from previous ISPs, out of commission phones. Then it grew to tracking how telecom providers operated in my town, day jobs I was contracted to do, which all culminated in a full, 4-day pass to Grace Hopper Convention in 2019.

I wasn’t being paid, but I was being seen because of my blogging.


Read more over Here @ Elpha - and don't forget to share with anyone who wants to get started with the written word (Or is hiring).

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