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Working on Arca’s videoclip caption

Working on Arca’s videoclip caption

Aug 12, 2020

I started painting videoclip captions to explore artificial illuminated skin tones and to challenge myself by recreating a known digital scene in low resolution using oil on canvas technique. This is the third video I recreate on canvas.

Arca’s Nonbinary video impressed me the first time I watch it. The tech-Venus dreamy scene was so powerful I decided to recreate it in a 100x65cm blink canvas. It contains lovely symbology and new challenges for me, as I never painted a clamshell before. This scene is kind of a Boticelli Nonbinary Venus born on this technologic present moment.

Robots 🦾 are another big challenge for me. It is one of the parts to work on next days. I won’t work much details on them, but some marked metallic lights and shadows.

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