Week 3 Hot or Not

Week 3 Hot or Not

Sep 19, 2023

With week 2 in the books, we're reeling: the injury bug has hit some big names including some running backs you have come to rely on. With Chubb likely out for the season and Ekeler missing time, we've got to look to who can take advantage.

This week's theme is injury fallout and the beneficiaries (or smokescreen) of their current situation.

Who's hot?: Starting at the QB position, we're not seeing many people go down to injury. Instead we have games adapting to having lost key pieces. One such piece is the running game in New Orleans. My belief is that this team will be pass first, pass often in the coming week until Kamara returns. With a plethora of options and no true alpha set in, it means Carr is the piece you want in this offence and with Green Bay allowing over 300 yards passing last week, I can see it being Carr's time to emerge. Kyren Williams is the obvious pick here, although I'll probably add Gibbs to that mix. Kyren Williams has a lot to carry with the expectations that were once on Akers now on his shoulders, whilst Gibbs will land in a position of how he should have been used from day one. Monty will find it hard to reclaim a spot. Tyreek Hill will be the beneficiary of Waddle's concussion (come on, I've got to have a gimme occasionally), but I could have said the same for Mostert. Kelce on his return from injury will be back in full force and finally expect Pickens to pick up from where he left off with the hold left by Diontae Johnson's absence.

On the less hot side of the equation, we'll start with a beneficiary of a long term injruy: Dobbs has come in as relief for Kyler Murray (because something[?] is wrong with him?), but goes up against the Dallas D who is currently outscoring nearly all TEs and QBs! Matt Brieda unfortunately isn't a viable option to replace Saquon when going up against San Fran, whilst for the same reasons Pickens will pick up, I can't see Calvin Austin doing the same: there's only so many targets to go around in Pittsburg. On the loss of Chubb, I haven't seen what I need out of Deshaun to make Njoku relevant and against a stiff linebacking corps in Tennessee, don't expect to this week, whilst Joshua Kelley has proven he isn't the answer to the Charger's running woes, but do expect to see Herbert clocking up the air-miles.

That's your early preview, expect things to change and listen in to the pod for more tips!

Good luck and see you on the virtual Gridiron,


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