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My first music box

My first music box

Oct 12, 2021

A music box is something that connects me instantly to my childhood.

It has something magical on it, as if the music that it contains could last forever, as if music became palpable for the first time.

So I decided to start this crowdfunding campaign to build and produce my own music box!

This is the first time I am making one with my own music so I decided for a song called Maria's Waltz, that I wrote myself.

You can listen to it here on Spotify or here on YouTube

For that, I found a special company in Germany who liked the idea and is helping me to make it happen: Tilo and the company he works for, Fridolin GmbH.

I need to produce 1000 units in order to be able to afford a better price for each unit.

The first prototype just arrived. You can see it and hear it on the video!

If you like it, you can support it here:

there will be 200 units arriving on November (right on time for Xmas gifts... =)

and more 800 units arriving in Februar 2022.

I am collecting the amount of 3540 Euro to be able to pay for the whole production and I need to collect all the money until the end of October, to make the production on time for November and Xmas.

The price per unit is 9 euro and 1 euro is for the post.

The music box will come with a special artwork on a paper box and everybody who helps on the crowdfunding also gets the piano sheet music (the piano score) to play Maria's Waltz on any instrument with a handwritten THANK YOU message.

So do you like music boxes?

Would you like to help me?


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