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Saturn in Pisces: 2023-2025

Saturn in Pisces: 2023-2025

Feb 09, 2023

Want to know what that means for you sign? Watch here.

Saturn in Pisces,  March 7th , 2023 to May 24th, 2025

On the 7th of March at 9:34 am EDT, Saturn will enter the sign of Pisces, and leave for Aries on May 24th at 23:35. Saturn will spend the duration of that time in Pisces. Despite a few retrogrades, the first being June 17th, he will not slide back into Aquarius. So thank goodness, that's over for another 30 years! And for some of us, not to be a downer here and this includes me, it may be the last time ever. Astrology reminds us of the passage of time.

A Welcome Change

Saturn was at home in Aquarius. There is an energetic match between sign and planet when the latter is at home. Saturnian forces were strong in Aquarius. Saturn won't be as sharp in Pisces but Saturn will still have us working hard and facing delays, but definitely not with the intensity he did in Aquarius.

He'll also be a nice counterbalance the blur of Neptune. Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces, therefor has also been in his home sign, associated with the 12th house, since 2011. Let's look at both planets, Pisces and the 12th house... Read the whole blog here.

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