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Are you 28, 42, 55, or 84? ONCE in a LIF ...

Are you 28, 42, 55, or 84? ONCE in a LIFETIME Aspects of transit Neptune to Natal Neptune

Jan 25, 2023

If you are 28, 42, 55 or 84 transit Neptune will be making aspects to your natal Neptune. These aspects will happen only once in your life, because Neptune's orbit around the Sun is 165 years. Neptune is the planet of compassion, unity and dissolution of the ego. It can make us see things through rose colored glasses, not as they are. It is related to imagination and creativity. It rules water, all liquids and substances, hence substance abuse. But also confusion, blur and deceit. Neptune can awaken us spiritually, but also leave us confused and fleeing reality. Image: Verena Yunita Yapi on Unsplash.

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