Giving and Receiving

Giving and Receiving

Nov 10, 2021

This Buy Me a Coffee idea is not to make you feel guilty because you've been reading my writing "for free". Just the fact that you read my writing, that you think about it a little, that you allow it into your life and that maybe it affects you, that's a gift for me. It's the greatest gift that you are giving me some of your attention and space in your life.

I'm creating this "tip jar" or donation page because there are times when the right idea or influence comes in at just the right moment for us, and we're really filled up by it. We get a lot of value from it, and we have a sense of having received so much value that we want to have a way to give back.

This is meant to be the open door that allows you the option to give to me. It's definitely not a wall to stop you from receiving what I am already happy to give.

Now you have a pathway for giving at those moments when you feel moved to do so.

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