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What NLP (neuro linguistic programming) ...

What NLP (neuro linguistic programming) can do for you!

Mar 03, 2020

I had the most life-changing half hour session about a month ago ... and I no longer drink coffee!

It was after one of the LIVEstreaming shows that I really enjoy watching on the WIBA (Women In Business Adelaide) Facebook group, that I was fortunate to win a competition for a free introductory session with Suzanne Ingleton, and the choices were Hypnotherapy, NLP or a Councelling for Change session of half an hour in length.

I chose the NLP as I myself am a Hypnotherapist.

On being asked what I would most like to tackle as a food I didn't want to eat any more, I straight away said "I need to stop drinking so much coffee, as I have between 10-15 cups a day"!

Right-to, and she took me straight into the process and it was as easy as saying "Done".

And, it was!

I haven't had a coffee now for 3 weeks now and no desire to go back to drinking it.

I am however, loving my variety of TEA that I have. Herbals and the good 'ol black tea.

I'm going to leave the labels of the offers as they are though, because it's what this platform is ... a coffee house!

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