Narcissistic behaviors

Narcissistic behaviors

Mar 12, 2021

Narcissistic is a personality disorder that can not be cured as per the research, remember its a personality disorder so its ingrained forevermore. Some people even say its also demonic.

Narcissistic are everywhere, they're in your house on the jobs, Government, legal, churches, I mean, they hide everywhere. The sad thing about it is, if you're not grounded and/or paying attention the acts of the Narcissistic are so subtle, you can miss the messages right in for of you. I'm not sure why they waste their time on a regular job because if they went to Hollywood they would definitely win a Oscar award for the greatest acting ever !

Look at the actions of the former President Of U.S.A and the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and how it costs so many lives. His unstoppable rages and his prideful behaviors, mixed with his inflated Ego shut down an entire Country 2020 and beyond. We're still experiencing the effects: long after his departure from the White House.

Victims of the Narcissistic abuse are sometimes ashamed and isolated so they're afraid to tell anyone their truth but i'm here tell you that, your power is in speaking up against ALL mistreatment and behaviors that you do not agree with. While your silent, someone else may be suffering and feel like they don't have a voice. In recent news NY Governor, Andrew Cuomo was "allegedly accused of mistreatment of a few women now speaking out against abuse. People abuse their power all the time and if you work for them you sometimes feel like you have no power to speak up. When you take one step forward remember God watches everything so there's no escaping. You may trick the world but God is watching believe that!

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