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100 Days of Gatsby Code 2021

100 Days of Gatsby Code 2021

Feb 16, 2021

What is Gatsby?

100 Days of Gatsby Code 2021 Challenge offers a chance for web developers familiar with Gatsby to level up on recently added features. It also offers a chance for anyone new to Gatsby but with a working knowledge of React to get to know it. What is Gatsby though? Gatsby JS is tool for creating blazing fast static websites. It generates static websites and is built on the React library developed at Facebook.

Gatsby's core includes a GraphQL layer which makes it easy to pull in your data from locations as diverse as your WordPress blog and your Shopify store. It has a built-in GraqhiQL viewer which is super useful for creating queries, just by clicking, instead of having to write, then debug lines and lines of code.

Is the 100 Days of Gatsby Code 2021 Challenge Worth the Effort?

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