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Black Friday 2022 Deals

Black Friday 2022 Deals

Nov 25, 2022

Here are notable Black Friday deals for 2022. Along with the deals, I've added a rating or commentary to the deals.

Rating System
S: Large discount on a product with wide application
A: Large discount on a product with narrow application
B: Moderate discount on a product with wide application
C: Moderate discount on a product with narrow application
D: Small discount on a product with wide application
E: Small discount on a product with narrow application

Some general tips for photography shopping on Black Friday. Camera and Lens sales are a joke. Often times any rebate is active before and after Black Friday, and they may quickly go even cheaper. For instance, the Canon 100mm RF is currently "$400 off" for BF, but, it was the same price 2 weeks ago. Computers (especially apple products) tend to be the same story. It's best to not even look for deals there. Instead, the best deals are often on 2 categories ; accessories and education. Lighting, modifiers, tripods, storage, all have great and temporary deals during this period so it's an excellent time to buy. Education platforms also tend to offer some of their most aggressive deals this time of year. + Coupon Code 'RHBF30OFF'
S Godox AD200 Pro / Flashpoint Evolv 200 Pro - $239
This deal is as good as it gets. The most versatile flash at its lowest price ever.
S- Godox AD200 / Flashpoint Evolv 200 - $219
A great discount, but at only $20 cheaper, I highly suggest getting the 200 Pro deal linked above, as its worth it's $50 price difference.
S SanDisk 2TB external SSD - $145
If you haven't already switched to SSD storage, what are you waiting for. $72/TB is great for SSD storage. It even slightly beats pricing on Samsung external SSDs which tend to have the best value for pre-built externals. This is also better pricing than the DIY method of putting an M.2 drive into an enclosure.
S Godox AD600 Pro / Xplor 600 Pro - $599
600 w/s is largely the popular choice for portraiture work in HSS outdoors. If that's your desired strategy, the price cut on the 600 Pro is a great place to start.
S Glow Parasnap - 44" $169 36" $149
Every portrait photographer needs a large softbox. The parasnap keeps your kit tiny by collapsing almost completely flat. And with mounts for various lighting brands, it's compatible with nearly any light on the market. There is a great price drop AND a free grid which sweetens the deal.
S Godox V1 / Zoom Li-on X - $159
The speedlight is the most commonly used lighting tool for photographers, and this is a great discount on one of the best performing speedlights on the market.
A Magmod - Price varies
Magmod purchases, if done right, can currently offer huge savings to strobists, especially if you're looking to buy a lot of products.
By default there are small discounts. But, the more you spend the more you save, capping out at 30% off when you put $500 in your cart. Finally you can save 5% off your subtotal using my coupon code 'ROBHALL'. Combining these offers, you can get all 3 Magboxes for $339, which is 44% off their normal price of $600.
A Godox ML60 Daylight LED - $129
Low price on an LED that is great for home content creating /close quarters / low light applications
A Godox AD600B / Flashpoint Xplor 600 TTL - $429
Solid discount on the original AD600 with TTL. However I think the 600 Pro is currently a better deal for most photographers.
A Godox AD300 Pro / Flashpoint Xplor 300 Pro
While not as versatile as the AD200, the Xplor 300 Pro is an amazing portable key light, and it's unique Godox mount is the best platform for some large yet portable modifiers (Like the Glow Parasnap and AD-S85.
A Godox AD100 Pro / Xplor 100 Pro - $179
The world was angry when this light launched at the same price as the AD200. Well here it is nearly half off. Less versatile than the 200 Pro, but way more compact which is a good fit for those looking to keep a tiny multi-light kit of off camera flash.
A Godox AD1200 Pro / Xplor 1200 Pro -$1059
Pack and heads are generally less favorable to all-in-one units, but for those looking for crazy power at a low price, this is it.
B Glow 12x56" Strip Box - $64
For both studio and outdoor portrait photographers, the strip box is essentially. While $16 off isn't mind-blowing, the normal price tag of this softbox is already staggeringly low, making this a phenomenal deal.
B Glow 24x36" Softbox - $55
Another mild discount on an already underpriced item. You can also see various deals on other rectangle softboxes by following this link.
C Spyder Checkr - $79
This is for those who take color serious in controlled environments, which lets be honest is very "niche" for photographers these days. 20% isn't a huge discount but for a product that isn't updated and doesn't move in price much, it's worth mentioning.

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