GDTLancer introduction and progress as o ...

GDTLancer introduction and progress as of July 2022

Jul 26, 2022 - source code and assets are available on Github. - latest releases (Windows, Linux, Android). - Twitter account.

A space game inspired by Freelancer, Orbiter and EVE Online. Developed in Godot 3 for desktop (Windows, Linux) and mobile (Android) platforms.

Since v0.9-alpha (current)

- CCD is disabled upon reaching specific velocity threshold.

- Tweaked autopilot to perform some rotation (approach is slightly spiraled).

- Introduced star system coordinates databank for main galaxy (50k stars for now).

- Split targeting into "selection" and "autopilot" controls for clarity.

- Upon picking a stellar coordinate - spawn a system scene there (currently only a star).

- Keep a track of recently visited star systems and do not despawn them if their number is within limit.

- Proper spawner / despawner of stellar systems upon selecting them in order to create seamless travel.

- Moved galaxy mesh into decoration background (scoping the space down for gameplay sake).

- Temporarily disabled procedural coords.

- Tweaked systems.

- Tweaked velocity, damping is implemented in the game (due to recent engine changes).

- Removed textures and uneeded sources.

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