My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

Jul 17, 2021

I'm going Big Picture on this one, because it's been a tough year and there's a short list of things that have helped me enjoy it.  

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I'd love to hear what's on your list!  

My favorite things


I remember spending hours designing cards on our Apple IIe in Print Shop back in the day and Canva's excellent website(and slightly touchy app) brings me right back.  Their intuitive setup makes designing the myriad of little graphics and visuals and invitations and calendars and banners and content of blogging/podcasting/business/family life a joy with about a million and nine graphics for every occasion, beautiful templates to work with, and fun tools to make your visuals appealing, no matter your training.


Still. Always?  In the physical doing of the actual dancing, but also the events, the people, the competitions, the learning process, the teaching process, the whole buttload of it.  I freaking love it.  To quote myself: I have a prolonged tolerance for it.  


The Misterwives album Superbloom. Summery, peppy, chill, fun.  

Beach Days.

Once a week, we hit one of our favorite water spots.  By "we", I mean me and the seven kids and sometimes a friend of theirs (because The G is always at work, bless him).  We have narrowed down the necessities (that's a blog post for another day) and I never plan on staying more than an hour, so it's a short and sweet field trip where I get to cool off and all the kids are actually safe and happy and BURNING OFF SOME ENERGY.

But oh wait, kids are solar-powered. 

In any case, last year, #6 [Cricket, or Clarence, for reference] would not go in the sand, let alone the water, and this year he is ALL IN as seen here:



Still.  Always?

I've been told I wrote a story in kindergarten that my parents got in trouble for, because they weren't supposed to help with our work, and they said "we've never seen this story in our lives".  


With homework, journaling, and eventually blogging, apparently I also have a prolonged tolerance for this.

Fancy fingernails.

Strangely not due to shutdowns, just in an attempt to find a way to do my nails in the brightest, most obnoxious colors ever and have them last without chipping or any maintenance, I found dip nails.  The powdery alternative to gel manicures that one can do at home, as long as one is stubborn enough to climb the learning curve.  I use mostly Revel nail products, but some others as well.  If you're really interested (ahem, Nea), you can click over to my Adequate Tutorial on How to Use Dip Powder for Fancy Fingernails .  


They are so dorky, but they hose off sand and dirt and bugs and mulberries and when my feet hurt, the little pokey things feel divine and they're great for those aforementioned beach days.

My garden.

It is producing food.  And flowers. And it is thrilling.


Both the people I was forced to interact with for months during shutdowns (yes, my kids and husband) and people in general.  I am not an extrovert.  And still this is true.  And now, it is so nice to see OTHER people and people are generally nice and interesting.

Laundry day.

No, I don't like doing laundry. I like having the laundry done.  I finally started listening to podcasts regularly and the Lazy Genius take on laundry has been and excellent change in my not-really-a-system-way of doing laundry previously.

Doctors and nurses.

Docs and nurses are always great, but when you're trying to discover a mysterious diagnosis on your small bebe, having a 6'4" doctor sit on a tiny stool while you pepper him with MANY questions and he patiently answers them all in technical terms and then explains them like I'm five and never looks uncomfortable while basically squatting for 30 minutes makes life better.  Likewise to all the nurses who are fairly unfazed by screaming babies and still do an amazing job getting vitals, labs drawn, and calming down those same unhappy babies.  


What's kept your face to the future lately?

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