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"Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance" ...

"Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance" the differences between Soryu and Shikinami

Jan 19, 2021

August 29, 2014 09:00

Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance" will be aired on Friday Roadshow tonight.

If someone who is interested in Eva but hasn't seen it yet asks me, "Which one do you enjoy the most?"I would recommend "2.0" without a doubt. The Eva running faster than the speed of sound, Ayanami getting all warm and fuzzy, Shinji reaching out to Ayanami and shouting, "Come on!". It's exciting just to see Eva moving all over the screen. It's an entertainment movie that selects the best parts of the Evangelion content: character, action, and cruelty.

When the movie was shown in theaters, I was so excited that I went to see it over and over again. The Sahquiel battle was too much fun!

But now, five years after the screening, "2.0" is still stuck in my mind.

In "2.0," there is a girl named Shikinami Asuka Langley who is as cute as an angel.

But she's not Soryu Asuka Langley I've loved for over a decade.

After all this time, the new movie version is not the old Eva that I was obsessed with and indulged in.

Well, now that I think about it, I guess Eva has mellowed a bit since they showed Asuka in the trailer.

Soryu: " What are you, stupid? On the first day of the screening, you ran to the bathroom and cried while throwing up, saying, "The trailer saved my life!". You're disgusting.

--I'm telling you, I can see it now!

Difference between "Soryu" and "Shikinami"

1. Not having any romantic feelings for Kaji.

In the old Eva, Soryu has a romantic-like longing for Misato's old lover, Ryoji Kaji. However, Shikinami doesn't have any feelings for him, and has very little contact with him.

2. Low social skills.

Soryu is a character who makes friends easily and gets along with adults easily. Shikinami, on the other hand, doesn't try to make any friends, kicks away the boys who try to get close to her, and plays WonderSwan by herself. She has no contact with adults, and the only classmate she has had contact with is Hikari Horaki.

3. Positive attitude toward contact with others.

In contrast to the old Eva, where all of the characters were uncomfortable with contact with others and had a "hedgehog's dilemma," everyone is able to maintain a sense of distance from others. Shikinami in particular has changed, telling Misato, "But lately, I've been thinking that it's not bad to be with other people," and becoming aware of Shinji as a man.

Asuka is not portrayed as a "rejecting stranger" by Shinji in the new movie series, including 2.0. Both Asuka and Shinji try to accept each other quite favorably. They don't choke each other.

Asuka becoming a character who is all hot and cold on him.

Takekuma: "Oh, that's what Anno means when he says that all the characters in "Eva" are himself.

Anno: "What I'm working on now is non-fiction, and it would be impossible for me to do this in fiction. I don't have that kind of talent. I feel arrogant when people think it's easy to do such things. They are arrogant, or they don't know what they are talking about. Well, "Eva" is actually more like a documentary than a drama.

( Quote from Anno Hideaki Parano Evangelion )

The TV version and the old theatrical version of Eva were personal novels by Hideaki Anno.

As Eva became more and more beloved throughout the ages, various secondary works and spin-outs began to take place. Among the official creations are "Neon Genesis Evangelion Steel Girlfriend 2nd" and "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ikari Shinji Nurturing Project. The former is a pure love story, while the latter is a romantic comedy. If you like Asuka, you will enjoy "Steel Girlfriend 2nd", so please read it.

Gradually, Ayanami Rei and Sohryu Asuka Langley became "attributes". Rei was frequently mentioned as a representative of the "calm and romantic" type who has romantic feelings while remaining calm, and Asuka as a representative of the "hot and cold" type who is attracted to Shinji while pushing him away. However, when the TV anime aired in 1996, the term "hot and cold" was not yet used, so it was a later addition.

To begin with, Asuka Soryu is not that hot and cold. There were a few scenes where she was jealous of Rei, kissed him for fun (though she immediately gargled), etc., showing that she had a hint of affection for Shinji. But she had an important role as a "rejecting stranger" in Shinji's eyes.

Over the past 10 years, Asuka has become completely established as "hot and cold". In a 2007 interview, Yuko Miyamura, who plays Asuka, stated that Asuka is "hot and cold" and that she is " attracted to Shinji as a man.". In "2.0," she even went so far as to become openly competitive with Rei.

The Asuka of Shikinami is so cute. I have a very vulgar feeling about her. Is this a kind of two-timing?

Soryu: " I know you're jerking off on me, and on another me that isn't me, and I know you collect and display test plug suit figures.

--I'm sorry, both Asuka! But I had no choice! Shikinami had a different kind of "moe" feeling than Soryu Asuka's stirring feeling.

From documentary to fiction

While the original Eva was, according to Hideaki Anno himself, a documentary exposé, "2.0" succeeds in functioning as an entertainment piece that takes a step back.

Initially, "2.0" was also a compilation. However, Hideaki Anno took the meaning of "2.0" to be the destruction of "Eva" as he had created it. So, he left it to Kazuya Tsurumaki's sense of style, especially Mari, to break away from the original Eva.

A world where there is Shikinami and there is no Soryu. Is it a parallel, or is it a loop? In any case, it is made as a different world from the old Eva. "I want to rely on others, I don't understand the wall with others.". The Shinji who keeps running away, who was projecting the feeling of this audience and Anno Hideaki's confused feelings, is not in the world of "2.0".

Is there an "I" that can be projected into the new movie version? 

--No, there isn't.

Soryu: I don't want you in the movie.

Shikinami: This is not a documentary, it's fiction.

Soryu: In short, you don't care who it is, you're just running away to me.

Maybe it was true. I really got into "2.0" and watched it. But just like Shinji, who used to yell at Asuka, I no longer had the same sense of dependence on Eva.

That's why I can enjoy "2.0" so freely and openly now. Am I getting older, or has Eva become more more easy-going? Tell me, Asuka. I feel like I'm out of religion.

At the time of the screening, I had no idea that this would be turned upside down by "3.0". I can say this now, but I really wanted to see "3.0" as soon as possible, and please save Asuka! Those who can continue to watch it are lucky.

(Writen by Tamago mago)

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