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Updated Links and Common Mistakes and Ti ...

Updated Links and Common Mistakes and Tips

Oct 05, 2021

(Last Updated 21st April 2022 - TheAlpha Paper tests discontinues, and Added archives of all 4 paper tests in pdf format)

Current Live Portfolio - Real Account and Live portfolio of mine running with starting Bankroll of 87k and reset stats from 1st August and stopped on 3rd November. This include the exact settings, coins, changes in the log files. TA 2.5 has a nice low RC and even Safety orders being filled, its relatively safe and a good passive set and forget.

New live Paper Trade v5 - The New Live Paper Trade v5 S/S should give you more up to date info, and lots of ways to interpret the data, have a read of post https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Ribsy/making-use-paper-trade-s-s-properly

Archived copies of the Paper Test v5 in pdf
4th Dec 2021 - This one is html Sorry, have to download and open it in a browser but only 2 days since starting so not as important and can be skipped
19th Dec 2021
27th Dec 2021
31st Dec 2021
5 Jan 2022 - 33 Days
20th Mar 2022 - 108 Days
21st April 2022 - 139 Days

Three new live Paper Trade Spreadsheets kindly hosted by TheAlpha, Cam TR and NEO for the community.
TheAlpha Paper Trade S/S (discontinued on 21st April 2022 check archived copies instead)
CamTR Paper Trade S/S
Neo Paper Trade S/S

Archived copies of the Paper Test for others in pdf
Cam TR
20th March 2022 - 73 Days
21st April 2022 - 104 Days

20th March 2022 - 80 Days
21st April 2022 - 111 Days (last one as discontinued by TheAlpha)

20th March 2022 - 30 Days
21st April 2022 - 61 Days

Table view of My New Bots I'm experimenting with in Paper Trades above

Old Stopped Paper Trade S/S in PDF - I have an old Paper trade S/S and why I ran Template 2 at TP 1.25, got some Urma type bots, watch them when there's a dip and see if you can stomach the waiting when it gets stuck. They can make more, but they can get stuck too. And really cant compare as they should be compared to TA Safer methods due to same bot costs.

Paper Trade v4 got corrupt by 3commas so had to take offline, check for v5 above (old data of v4 can be found in various old posts)

Old Live Portfolio - (Ran from 1st August to 3rd November 2021 with 75k Real money.) Still very useful as it shows you how we can still make decent profits with real money, and to prove the TA settings do work even after so many months.

Required Change S/S - Use it to compare the Required Bounce to other settings, and some quick tips on the pros and cons

Mars vs Mercury Comparison Spreadsheet and the post https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Ribsy/mercury-vs-mars

Mars vs TA Lite spreadsheet


Mars Related Stuff

Mars Variants S/S (read the Mars Variants Post for more details)

This was started and currently live running on my Mars settings, Read the post for more info https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Ribsy/live-portfolio-temporary-stopped-changed

YouTube videos

For new members its important you watch the top two links.

3commas Trade Alts community settings Paper Trade Results December - This video will explain how I use my paper trade spreadsheet to help you choose a few settings to test yourself or run depending on your own strategy. Also will give an analysis on how well our community settings are doing this December. Make sure you change settings to view in HD mode, or it will be blurry. Also video is long, so if you want to skip to certain sections, the timestamp to the shortcuts are in the description in the YouTube video.

Understanding DCA via Charts and Tips on Coin Selection - Good for learning how I pick safer coins, and how to read the charts in 3commas.

How to look at your Table View when setting-up/tweaking your bots - Advanced Tips which you must learn after understanding bots more and a bit of coverage on why Mars settings makes more and more aggressive near end of video.

Pivot Tables, How to create one from scratch, using either Google Sheets or Excel - For those that still like the old fashion analyzing your profit data in a spreadsheet.

How to size up your account with compounded profits - Quick tips and why it doesn't take much time to make multiple edits.

Bot Setting Template - How to create multiple quick simple bots using a template - How I create quick templates to copy multiple simple bots

Other resources

Urmas S/S

Zekes Mizu/Kiri S/S

Willie B Tests S/S (Old)

Safe Recommended Tools - Made by community members (read only needed for api)

3C Portfolio Manager

3C Quick Stats

Common Mistakes when running Bots (let me know if there's anymore and I can add to the list)

1. Not Paper Testing experimental or new bots/settings.

2. Too many bots without sufficient capital to cover the dips (Overextending). - Don't allocate all your funds to bots

3. Adding funds to bots to try and close a deal that's only slightly in the red. - Let the DCA strategy work by itself

4. Cancelling a DCA deal when it's in the red. - If you cancel it (not using the close at market button. Using the cancel button) any money reserved in unfilled SO orders will be returned to you when the bot cancels them. You have to manually sell them

5. Running 'printer bots' (preset bots) that only cover a small dip (low price deviation)

6. Fomoing into mooning shitcoins with a bot and blank out that there will come the point when your bot buys at the top before price drops like crazy.

7. Running Large bots $100/$200+

8. Not applying good coin selection at start.

9. Running bots with promotions events.

10. Running a Composite bot with "***_ALL." - with real money, ALWAYS select your coins manually, do not rely on all coins, as it could pick some really bad coins, even if you apply a min volume filter.

11. Being Overextended and trying to add funds evenly across your bots. - Focus your funds on 1-2 bots at a time, only focus on ones that can potentially close with some help, there needs to be volatility.

Quick Coin selection tips
How I pick Coins I don’t use volatility screeners, it can be great but also give you big red bags much quicker. (These type of coin are higher risk - so I may only pick 1-5 max of high volatility/meme coins/recommended in share-a-pairs) Volume and Volatility and market cap (Based on the high and low of price. Not just a number or percentage) These are my main factors for finding coins that I want to profit in USDT. I usually focus only on top 100 market cap, has to have decent 24hr volume (Coin gecko) and I generally analyze the charts in a 15 mins time frame in TradingView and use the ruler tool to measure the percentage of the highs and lows. Make sure the charts have good volatility between the highs and lows of each candle and no signs of giving the dca problems and getting stuck for long periods. For coins I want to collect in crypto, I would make sure the coin has a good project and good fundamentals. These coins I don’t mind collecting in base profit. I still would look into the charts, but I'm more lenient with these coins willing to keep them even if they don't produce as much completed deals. For coins that are just purely building my USDT bankroll, these coins I give a few days to 1 week trial and if they constantly get stuck or don’t make much profit, I’m more than happy to disable and swap out for a coin in flavor. Basically you need a create a strategy and decide what type of coins you want your bots to work with. This is your portfolio, which you need to decide what type of coin to focus on. As much as we want a coin to always perform, sometimes they have off weeks, or they keep getting stuck, you need to either reduce the take profit % for these coins or tweak the settings if you want keep them, or just disable and relook into them a few weeks later. If a coin you want to collect just simple doesn't make many completely deals, you could stop the bot and just manually by the coins on a dip. And use the funds for other coins that perform better. Some ideas to pick good coins are from purely for USDT https://3commas.io/bots/analytics, and checking share-your-pairs, https://cryptobubbles.net/, https://www.coingecko.com/en, https://www.tradethechain.com/ (costs a lot) but also do your Tradingview 15m charting, or run a dca backtest.

The market has dipped and I’m Overextended and out of funds!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlzruqvqxF8&t=912s
Going to give my Exact Process how I'm dealing with this dip, I'm also out of funds. 1. I disable all my bots to give my current active deals time to breath (with exception of maybe 2-4 simple bots that are still performing well in this market. Or if you are still collecting BNB for example. Disabling bots won’t close the active deal and stop opening new trades after it closes. 2. I leave by QFL composite bots on BTC pairs, or any bots that love buying the dips, and let them get to work (unless it very big dip or you have low funds or no funds!) 3. Any coins that have no chance of recovering quickly, change the max safety orders to the current number or set it to 1 so it doesn't try to hoard new available funds when deals close. Remember you are editing the active deal, not the bot setting. 4. If I have max active safety orders to 2 or more, I reduce them all to 1 (again in edit my active deals, not the bot settings) so they aren't hoarding available funds. 5. For my big bags I will set it so there's no active safety orders to free funds for my priority deals that are close to closing or I think can close quicker. You may need to manually remove some buy limit orders. This is basically micro managing your available funds to try to close off deals to free more funds. 5. Wait patiently or fund my balance asap. As more money becomes available, use the DCA tool to help bring down the price for some coins, or add more safety orders again. 6. Ask yourself why was I greedy and didn't listen to the advice... waiting out can take many days to close, but as long as we are in a bull market we should recover eventually. All depends how overextended you actually are. If we hit a bear market, its becomes very hard to close in profit, if you didn't dca down properly. 7. If you are not overextended, you have done well ! And enjoying good profits and closing deals faster than everyone else. Business as normal for you and more profits. 8. As the market recovers and you start getting available funds free, start with the best performing bots, use the basic charting see the current price and make sure the chart looks good to start the bot, otherwise set price alert in TradingView to a suitable level before starting the bot. I would start a few at a time and make sure you do not overextend.

Graphical example of what happens when you are overextended and miss safety orders

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