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Update, Backtests, New Paper Trade v6 pr ...

Update, Backtests, New Paper Trade v6 progress

Sep 14, 2022

Disclaimer - Information is just for educational/research purposes.

Quick update just to see how well mid September 2022 has been doing

Ran a quick Backtest, and picked same top 40-50 coins that were possible from the previous backtests for members, ignoring coins I had no data for and coins that were following USD like TUSD, BUSD, etc

Date Range was from start of markets picking up on 6th June 2022 to 13th Sept 2022

Google Sheet Web
Excel File

For me, I'm still not using any new bots until I see my own red bags clear or longer term bullish trend. September being one of the worst months, and the overall economy makes me reluctant to risk much into bots.

The newly created Paper Trade v6 is doing ok so far with my tests. (live version currently locked for gold members) here's just a quick screenshot of the progress. If you need help understanding the columns, watch the Youtube video I made on an old paper trade spreadsheet, but most of the columns should be easy to understand. The daily roi bot profit for all the settings is much lower than last year when we were bullish.

We still have the other public community backtests from Cam TR and NeoEGY and Blarizonk which are longer backtests, but still holding red bags from that period. Links to those in the bot faq channel in our discord. https://discord.gg/tradealts

Best of luck all.

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