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Quick updated on my live Mars portfolio

Quick updated on my live Mars portfolio

Nov 14, 2021

I'm happy with the Mars settings, and ok to recommend people switch over, which I know a few have already done it. (The upcoming video should justify the reasons why if you are still not able to read all the information from the previous posts)

So far Mars has been running for 10-11 days, It took 3-8 days just to slowly move over the settings too, so a few days lost not really using many bots. (old Ribsy settings bot profits go count to the old live portfolio only). However profit has been noticeably better but duration has been much longer to close. I'm making more though than the old TA2.5 settings with similar low Required Change, because more money is being used even when they are closing within 1-5 safety orders often. (check upcoming video). Cons are obviously 42% drop is covered only, where you may need to add funds or if you want to be safer, add that 9th safety order at a costs of lower ROI. The deviation gaps between safety orders start getting noticeable as the Step Scale is 1.3%. Deal times take longer on average, and some people are not used to seeing as many deals closed.

Three Coins have yet to closed from the Ribsy (TA 2.5) so I haven't switched them to Mars yet, but I will patiently wait, you can see the current active deals below. And 6 Deals have are now stuck longer than a week. For those that have been following my live portfolio I am very much passive with my bots, they still generate a good ROI, and I don't add funds, I just stick to a strong selection of coins and let them do their thing. RC for TA2.5 and Mars are good enough for me, with the Mars, my plan is if they do fill 8/8 safety orders, I'm happy to wait them out even if its a 42% drop. As I don't plan really to go over $100/$100. This is already costing me $3.5k per bot so for me, I will re-evaluate how much higher I'm willing to go with my bots, mainly because the more expensive the bot costs, the harder it is to rescue a deal. I learnt that mistake pre May when running 5k+ bot costs. I'm comfortable allocating that amount for a stuck bot. Anyone not comfortable can run fewer bots and add that 9th safety order, or have funds ready to add funds. Risks levels should be between 70%-120%

I know a few of my supporters have moved over to Mars and so far the feedback has been great and similar kind of expected roi, adr, and duration of deals closing. Its basically an improved urma type bot, that costs more but keeping RC as low as the TA 2.5, up to a 42% drop. Watch the video I have planned very soon to further show to read the table view in detail, and understand why my Mars settings should make you more money than the TA types settings.

OXT Update - It did very nice profits during first date range on chart, then got stuck for a 3 days (2nd date range) and I was tempted to disable the bot, but it then closed in profit and gave a few more closures before falling again. Will keep for now but remember if you don't feel comfortable, its not one of my strong pick coins, stop it when you are ready.Note to supporters, I had a few asking if I gave them real time updates to when I make changes to my live portfolio, as some noticed the OXT log. I'm not sure how to do that, as I don't want to spam posts for the majority that won't be interested. Maybe I could do a DM list or, just set up a separate mailing list for those that want to know when I actually add/remove a coin? Anyways any ideas let me know.

Same thing with the real profit logs of Telegram, do people even want them? Not sure how useful they are, leave a comment or give me a DM about that.

Happy botting all. Hope we all profit. But there's a warning, we are approaching holidays? So we could get a big retracement during that time, so keep risks levels in control. It might not happen, but tbh, that last dip last week was only a small one... It's not always going to be that easy.

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