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Quick Update March 25th 2022

Quick Update March 25th 2022

Mar 25, 2022

Bots have been very slow the past 3 months. But the last week, things are finally starting to pick up. The community has been quiet since many of us got stuck from the November/December crash. We're starting to see some red bags finally closing, and hopefully we're out of this big range for BTC, and see some bullish momentum again. This will be good for our bots again, and bring back the good profitable days again. I wouldn't be thinking of switching to aggressive settings quite yet if you are still on safer settings.

In our discord many people have been testing the Symrank coin selection (including myself) and its been pretty positive feedback so far. Thanks to Mantis and TB from our community for the work to allow so many people to test it. More info can be found in the discord #scripting-tools-talk. I would paper trade it first, as it picks and removes coins for you, and you would want to maintain an updated blacklist to avoid really risky selections. For myself I would still prefer to pick my own coins, but at least now you have the option. Symrank, Altrank, Galaxy score is what you would need to look into if you preferred some auto selection method. We have the paper trade spreadsheets for symrank tests in my Paper v5 but mainly in Neos Spreadsheet.

@Snurg from our discord programmed an awesome backtester which was able to backtest multiple community settings for 148 pairs and he posted the tests for a 2 month period Jan-Feb 2022. Just note the market was bearish, but avoided that crazy drop in Nov/Dec. So its not a bear proof test, but just helps people see that the settings can work if you are fully funded and have good coin selection and picked the right settings. Just something to point out with this backtest is after the tests is done, the profits is based on Total profit - uPNL. So red bags or active deals are taken off to give the "Actual Profit"
The actual log file is here For Snurg's Backtest program for an excel spreadsheet version @IamtheOnewhoKnocks converted it to an Excel Spreadsheet
Hope this is useful for those that have been botting during the same period and see if it matches your results for whatever settings you was running. The best bot average making only 5.86% in the two months is proof that it was a tough 2 months. This is why many of us derisked our bots to be fully covered and only run the good performing bots.
Glad to see some of my Set 5 test settings were performing well from my paper tests and in this backtest, but overall we just cannot make decent ROI if we focus on safer settings, but it helps avoid the red bags.
If market conditions change, we may not even need the bear market type bots after all.

Anyways I've been busy learning to trade during this period, but like many of us, I'm also stuck and waiting for my deals to close and market to change before adding my bots back. I hope we all recover our red bags and we'll get the community active again! I'm very happy with the community and how everyone is being helpful in our discord and telegram and hope we continue to keep it positive and a place to help and learn.

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