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Quick Update to Live portfolio and Mars ...

Quick Update to Live portfolio and Mars Feedback

Nov 26, 2021

Thanksgiving wasn't much of a scare this year, we actually had decent volume and a few stuck bots even closed, and the usual metaverse/nft coins were doing well. Bit gutted, as I wanted to dip buys, but at least bots are doing great.

Decided to up my risks on Mars to 120% and the following updates are:

Re-enabled Theta and AR, Added Gala, Rune (had to wait for old Ribsy 2.5 deal to close, as it took 22 days) and Ens. Ada, Oxt per off when they close

Keeping eye on xtz, wrx,ray,btt when they close I will see if they are worth keeping not been great this month, but were good for 3 months

Feedback from those running Mars has been very good so far, any negative feedback also appreciated. Comment in this post if you want to share your feedback to other supporters, if you are not already on discord and reading feedback in the post-your-profits and bot-hangout. For myself I'm very passive with my bots, and patient at waiting without adding funds, and my coin selection are solid coins (apart from OXT). Some haven't performed well at all this month compared to the previous 3 months, but that's how the cycles happen in crypto. NFT and Metaverse coins have been just crazy good for bots. And other coins just watching, or low volatility. I won't be chasing low cap coins, just because there's loads of volatility. But certainly a strategy that can be used if you are very active with your bots, and don't mind the risks of big retracements and red bags.

Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate it! Good luck with your bots!

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