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Quick update on the current Market 3rd D ...

Quick update on the current Market 3rd Dec

Dec 04, 2021

The Market is not looking great for stocks and crypto, every setting is going to see some red bags today. Look to reduce your risk exposure during the next few days.

We actually had a great VIP voice session today, discussing the drop which was already predicted yesterday, and talked about bots. The drop was expected and just from a TA perspective, there's still potential to revisit lower levels before we see any push up.
For bots, being a bit more cautious, and lowering risks makes perfect sense during these times. Are we in a bear market? No, we've seen these type of dips before in March-May. Its not a May type crash. But the stock market being weak and recovering, its bound to have impact on bitcoin too. So reducing risks as in reducing bots. Waiting for more strength before putting back risks up. Let your bots do their job, if you are already out of funds, and 10+ bots have stopped filling orders, you need to rethink your risks/strategy.

If you are looking to learn how to Trade or do technical analysis, I would highly consider testing out the VIP patreon and Trade Alts really goes into many live hours teaching his methods. He's on his 50th Live stream, and they average 1.5+ hours per video! Plus you actually get to ask him questions over voice. But its not cheap, and you are not going to be able to learn everything in one month. You would need a few months to catch up and put lots of work into it too.

Trade Alts Also had a look at the Mars settings and he likes them very much and will test them himself along with his many other settings. Anyways It was a fun session with the VIPS and different from the usual trading focus. Covered talk about tax software, our current settings, everyone's stuck deals. Learning some technical analysis and charting does help with understanding your bots better and know when the market could affect the bots, so you can take precautions.

Am I in panic mode? Not really, I'm kind of covered enough, prolly will want to reduce my risks to 100% or add funds if needed. Having some spare capital will also help. But if you we do revisit lower levels and you have some funds available, there's some good sales to look out for. But obviously if you are overextended, you wont have time to look for these opportunities. You will be too busy panicking over the bots.

Just to advise people, not saying to follow me, but the Take profit 3% during the current market for me doesn't make sense. So I'm lowering my Take profit on current existing deals on my Mars settings to 1.5%. A 1.5-2% Take profit reduces the RC% a bit but does affect the profit when closing quite a bit so expecting a lower ROI. I rather close deals than have them stuck in the current market situation. The cons of this is if we get some crazy fast recovery, I'm going to be Gutted as all that extra potential profit... This is just to help close my deals better and not bothered sacrificing ROI, obviously if I see a bot closing 2+ deals quickly, there's no harm raising Take profit to 3% on specific coins that are pumping (Benefit of having simple bots). I'm not going to change them yet on the bot side, but will watch the next few days and if I sense weakness, I will edit the bots to a lower TP like 1.5-2%. 2% appeals to me more if the market isn't so bullish. To sacrifice maybe 0.02% ROI, its not too bad (going from memory of the paper trade v4 Spreadsheet)

Here is an example of the change in the Required Change % and the Estimated Profit if you were to modify the Take Profit

This is without considering the ROI loss from reducing Take profit. Just an Observation for people to look at. Apply it to your own settings, and see if it helps you decide what is your favorite Take profit for your own setting,

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